lux: consequences by jennifer l. armentrout


Lux: Consquences is made up of both Opal and Origin (the O title theme is still going strong). Katy and Daemon are still together. It’s kind of hard to review these books since they are a series and I do this more as a recommendation. Giving you too many clues will kind of spoil it and I DO NOT want to do that. Throughout both Opal and Origin, Katy changes a lot. She’s learning to control her powers and she’s growing more and more in the emotional side of things. The cute little book blogger we were introduced to in the first book is long gone. Things have gone from bad to worse and she’s dealing with it the best way she knows how. 

There are still many people involved with Daedalus. You’ll be surprised by who works for whom and where some loyalties have changed. A lot of things that Daedalus and the Luxen have been hiding come out to light. No one can be trusted. Everyone has something to gain or lose. 

The final book Opposition releases tomorrow. Thanks to Amazon, I will have my book delivered tomorrow. This is definitely a must read. 

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